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The Local Basket Roadmap

Sitting here in Tucson, Arizona, in the middle of the summer, I am wondering where the road ahead will lead. We’re in the middle of putting together our Tucson Local Basket, and it’s been a blast so far. We’ve explored all of the nooks and crannies of this place that we call home in a way that I would have never imagined.


But the road beckons, and we will soon be venturing out to immerse ourselves in some incredible cities (it’s a tough life, but someone’s has to do it). So what cities will we be headed to? Well, we’ll be taking the path of least resistance, starting out with the places that we both already know well and are relatively close to us.

In a few weeks, Melanie and I will be headed back to our hometown Flagstaff to cool off in the mountains. While we’re there, we’ll be visiting our favorite old shops and gathering up ideas for the Flagstaff Local Basket. Representing Flagstaff will be representing all of Northern Arizona, from Sedona to the Grand Canyon, from Winslow to Williams, and out to the Navajo Reservation.  We endeavor to capture all of this wild, wonderful place in one delicious basket.

After we’ve revisited our Flagstaff roots, the next stop is Sante Fe. While we’ve both spent some time here and there in Sante Fe, exploring from the perspective of basket hunting will be unique. Or put another way, Sante Fe will be the first city that we get to know  through a curation of its flavors. As we did with Flagstaff, we’ll be looking beyond just Sante Fe for inspiration as we’ll also be looking to surrounding areas like Albuquerque and Taos for interesting product ideas.

After Sante Fe, California beckons. San Diego is the first Cali stop, and from there we’ll head to LA and then SF. We haven’t really projected too much beyond these first 6 cities. We expect, however, to continue up the Pacific into Portland and Seattle. We’ll likely be exploring Southern Utah and Salt Lake City and then getting into various parts of Colorado and Texas. And all of this is just the start!

As our momentum builds we have big plans to expand throughout the US. What city would you like to see a Local Basket for?

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